• Delfino Madrigal Gil

Delfino madrigal gil

One of the most eminent composers and organists from Mexico. Born in 1924 in Erongarícuaro, Mich., On the shores of Lake of Patzcuaro.

 He belonged to the Morelia`s Boys Choir in 1935, when he was 6 years old, and at 18 he began studying music at the Conservatory de las Rosas, where he was designated Director in early 1949, succeeding his first Director and teacher, Master Miguel Bernal Jimenez.
He was graduated in Gregorian chant license in March 1946, and got the Magisterium in composition in July 1951. He studied piano with teacher Ignacio Mier Arriaga at the School of Sacred Music. Under the direction of Miguel Bernal Jimenez eminent teacher, he studied composition and organ, doing it the Magisterium in Superior School of Sacred Music in Guadalajara, Jal., On July 6, 1963, as Judge:  Hermilio Hernandez, Domingo Lobato and P. Jesus Arechiga.

 In 1952 he was invited to work in Mexico City, as teacher at the School of Sacred Music,  and at the Seminary in 1961, was appointed as organist of  Cathedral Metropolitana of  Mexico city,  In that role, he plays his own works which are as follows: Toccata for organ, the Church Sonata, Mass Coral Guadalupana, the funeral Mass in Memory of Master  Miguel Bernal, many Matins, Vespers, and five more Masses, with a remarkable gregorian style.

Took part in a Festival of complete works of Johan Sebastian Bach, organized by the Union of Organists (1974-1976),  in the National Auditorium Organ and cities like Morelia, Guadalajara and others from Mexican Republic.

Then decided to return to his beloved state of Michoacan, Morelia and gave lessons for some years, in several fields: Gregorian chant , harmony, counterpoint and organ at the Conservatory of the Roses.
 In recent years he has been with his children, Rosa Maria and Eugene, organizing and playing at festivals of great composers of music: Johann Sebastian Bach, Dietrich Buxtehude, César Franck, Louis Vierne, Böellman, and Miguel Bernal Jimenez .
 In 1985 celebrating the 300th anniversary of Johan Sebastian Bach Birth, organizes and plays with his son and daughter Eugene and Rosita 10 concerts in the city of Morelia at churches of La Merced, San Jose, San Augustine and The Nuns, and 6 of them in Morelia Cathedral.
In 1987, at the age of 63 years returned to his native and beloved town Erongarícuaro where he continues composing several works, among which the Patzcuaro Lake Suite consists of 32 pieces dedicated to each of towns of shores lake.
He was selected to represent Mexico at the XXVI International Organ Festival of Morelia in 1992, the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America.

 In October of 1994 for his artistic and human quality recognized by professional colleagues, was invited  to take a tour with their son and daughter organists in Vancouver, Canada.  In summer of 1998 at Paris, and in French province of La Canourgue and  Mende.

In May 15, 2005 was paid a tribute in the city of Guanajuato, Gto., "For his important career as a composer, great performer, a professional musician, promoter of Mexican music and organist" where he participated in a concert whose program included his compositions.

In August 2011 Delfino Madrigal Gil is proposed to receive the Arts Erendira State Prize 2011, and in September is selected as one of the winners, recognition is given on 28 October: his merits cover the different facets of a musician: composer, performer, teacher, communicator, organizer.

In November 2015 he was honored at Bellas Artes of México city,where his work was played for chamber orchestra: "Tarascan Village Suite", within the Romano Picutti Festival, where children choirs from all over the Mexican Republic are summoned.

in September of 2016 he died at the age of 91 years close to turning 92 in his beloved hometown Erongarícuaro.


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